Career Counselling

Turkish Universities and Career Counselling aims at helping students at each grade level to explore their talents and to attend undergraduate studies which is convenient for their aptitudes and wishes. We try to help kids to make good subject choices by determining Grade 9 and 10 students’ interests and aptitudes. We are in close contact with teachers, parents and students.

We meet with Grade 11 and 12 students, who plan to study at Turkish universities, to evaluate their plans and to counsel these students. We organize various presentations and meetings both for students and parents to explain the Turkish Universities Exam system. We also organize practice tests at Grade 11 and 12 to prepare students better for the exams. Necessary precautions are taken after these practice tests to make sure that students perform better. We organize visits to Turkish universities so that students can make observations.

We guide students for summer, winter schools of universities, and for job and program introduction workshops. We organize various visits for job shadowing to give students the opportunity of learning jobs, professional life and to get experience at workplaces.

We organize “Career Talks” at which specialists share their experiences with the students. We also organize university fairs, Career Day, Alumni Gathering which positively affect students’ goals for Turkish universities and Career aspirations and which help them gain valuable information and experience.


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