High School

ENKA Schools’ mission is to lay the intellectual and behavioral foundations that will prepare and motivate students to develop to the full extent of their capacities, to employ the mental and moral habits that foster freedom of thought and action, and to seek to be leading citizens of Turkey or their country of origin.

Our goal is to raise individuals who have self-confidence, who are able to communicate effectively, who inquire and believe in the importance of personality and personal development, who are respectful to the community and to the diversity in community and who have a good command of Turkish and English. In order to reach our goal and to strive for excellence, instead of a teaching centered approach, we have a learning centered education approach, which is differentiated in appropriate to student learning styles, which is equipped with appropriate education technologies and which supports curiosity.

In addition to the Turkish curriculum, all ENKA High School students study English and Mathematics Cambridge IGCSE program for two years in Grade 9 and 10. On the other hand, Grade 11 and 12 students study the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). You may get details about the program by clicking here.

ENKA High School has a comprehensive programmer of co-curricular activities that has been designed to help students maximize their social skills besides academic skills. In addition to these activities, the high school hosts various national and international events such as Model United Nations Conference, European Youth Parliament, Psychology Symposium, Community Service Projects Day, Dance Festival, and Interact activities. Moreover, ENKA High School is the only school in Turkey which is a member to Round Square Organization. Our students find the chance of sharing their community service projects with other students from different countries, and attend conferences and exchange programs.

We have a well-structured “Community Service Program” at our school in order to raise individual and social awareness and to support sensitivity. Our students, at all grade levels, need to complete their projects in order to graduate from the high school. Our students work on approximately 100 projects in a year; either in groups or individually. They attend national and international projects nearly on 10 different areas.

Approximately one third of our graduates study at reputable universities in Turkey; whereas two thirds of them study at prominent universities abroad. In addition to this, many graduate students, who have studied at Turkish universities, are accepted to post graduate studies or Ph.D. programs abroad. Our Turkish and Overseas Counselors guide students to make appropriate choices for themselves.

ENKA Schools is a learning community. In addition to student learning, our teachers and staff also attend various professional development programs to develop themselves. All ENKA Schools staff aim at raising future generations who search, work hard, pursue high achievements, take responsibility for their actions, who are faithful to Atatürk Principles and Reforms, who are modern individuals and to whom we can entrust our future both in Turkey and in the world.

Erkan Gültekin
High School Principal




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