Primary School

Welcome to ENKA Primary School! Our school is a learning environment where students discover themselves and the world around them by asking questions, making and testing hypotheses, experimenting possibilities, taking risks, learning from mistakes, and learning with and from each other. It is a place students love to be! Through offering a strong academic program and a rich co-curricular provision, it provides students with opportunities and experiences to grow intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally. It provides learning environments and resources that promote curiosity and discovery.

We offer the Ministry of Education’s national curriculum within the PYP (Primary Years Program) framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB). In our school, which was fully authorized to offer the PYP in 2005, planning, teaching and assessment are informed by the school mission and learning principles as well as the PYP philosophy and pedagogy.

The main pedagogical approach to teaching is student-centered and inquiry-based learning. To this end, our teachers design relevant, engaging, challenging and fun learning experiences for students. They extensively integrate information and communication technology into their lessons to support learning. Furthermore, they differentiate their instructions to meet different needs of learners. In our school, assessment is integral to teaching and learning. Our practices recognize the equal importance of process and product in the learning process. Using pre-assessments, formative assessment and summative assessment that employ a variety of different tools and strategies, we keep track of student learning throughout the process, and provide feedback on the learning process to both students and the other stakeholders.

Teaching and learning in our school is transdisciplinary. Students explore topics and concepts through transdisciplinary units. Besides, they develop and use a set of transdisciplinary skills (social skills, communication skills, thinking skills, research skills, and self-management skills) that can be applied to all domains/areas of life both inside and outside of school. In addition, they are encouraged to develop the PYP attitudes that will help them have a positive approach towards learning, people and the environment.

One of biggest strengths of our school is our co-curricular program. Offering a range of different arts, science and sports activities, the program aims to help students discover their talents, learn to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle, as well as acquire effective self-management skills.

In our school we encourage our students to take the responsibility for their own learning, to accept responsibility for their actions, to protect nature and to serve the community. We expect them to initiate meaningful and responsible actions as a result of their learning. Participation in community service helps students develop skills such cooperation, problem solving, conflict resolution, and creative and critical thinking.

In ENKA Primary school, learning has no time, place or age limits, and knows no boundaries!

Filiz Gönenli
Primary School Principal


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